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How to Fix EPCOT
Mar 31, 2015

Last week I published an article about what I think needs to change at SeaWorld to make it a viable tourist option again. It got me thinking about some of the other parks in the area and what I would like to see. I figure every once in a while I am going to take a stab at what I would do to improve a park, just to see how far off everyone thinks I am.

Next park up is EPCOT.

I love EPCOT, as it is, so this might be a little difficult to do but there are definitely some changes and updates that are needed. I’m going to stick to Future World for this blog as the countries do their own thing in the back of the park.

My first change is to get rid of the photo monument when you enter the park. It really doesn’t add anything and personally reminds me of a memorial. I think of death when I see them and it’s not a good thing.

Second up is Innovations. They’re in the process of tackling half of Innovations already, as the previous contract ran out on the west side. This should be an area of the park that has the newest and greatest technology available. Instead of signing a huge contract, they should allow tech companies and start ups to show you what the future has in store. Groups like Limbitless from UCF and technology like Google Glass should be on display in an ever-changing display. I see more innovation at tech conventions than I see at EPCOT these days.

Next up is the east side of Future World. Universe of Energy has seen better days and the Wonders of Life pavilion is practically unused. With the advancements in energy since the Universe of Energy was built the least that could be done is an update to the video. Everyone loves the dinosaurs, so they could stay but I doubt it would be that expensive to get Ellen and Bill Nye back together to cut some new, more interesting, video to tell about all the progress being made in the world of photovoltaic modules and other technology that is being worked on. You could even tie in the upcoming “The Good Dinosaur” movie release

The Wonders of Life pavilion and Body Wars in particular were favorites of mine growing up. It’s a huge piece of land that is unused these days and I would love to see it brought back to life. I am sure the ride system would need to be replaced and I think something more creative could be brought in. You could do something based around the upcoming Pixar release of “Inside Out”.

On the other side of Future World, my biggest change would be to the Imagination! Pavilion. This is where we go retro. We need to bring back the Dreamfinder in a new adventure. Figment is part of EPCOT and I would hate to see him leave the park, so why not bring back his “creator”. Captain EO should be ending it’s run soon and after an upgrade to the theater it should be replaced with something that takes a trip into the imagination. I am not sure what the best venue for this would be but the use of familiar characters would be key.

The only other real change I would make is to the Circle of Life movie in The Lands. This could use a freshening up and I think Princess Merida and the Sprites from Brave would make great hosts for this new adventure.

Last but definitely not least is not really a change but something that I’d love to see up year-round. During the Flower and Garden Festival Disney puts up a few great playgrounds. EPCOT is known as a kid’s wasteland for the most part and I think leaving these up year-round would really make it more enjoyable for the younger ones in our parties.

I am sure there are more changes that could be made but I think these would be a step in the right direction. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see.

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  • Michael Thomas

    I agree with most of what you said (especially the “granite memorial stones” at the entrance); Wonders of Life being closed is a huge disappointment, but so is the fact that half of the West side is vacant. When you consider the places in the park that appear “Boarded up” like the Odyssey Restaurant and Wonders of Life it makes you wonder who is running the park? You mentioned Imagination and I agree with you, but let’s go real Retro and reopen the upstairs… It is a beautiful spot that really screams futuristic Imagination.

  • JT Suckerpunch

    Rebuild Horizons

  • Harry

    It amazes me how little Disney has done to keep that park up. So much dead and wasted space in the park. I have seen many drunken fights or arguments there. Seems half the buildings are closed and underutilized. But people still pack in there so why should they do anything?

  • zengrrl

    That park definitely needs a lot of work, and it kills me they felt the need to rebrand Maelstrom as a Frozen ride. The whole idea of the park was to learn things. Now all we learn is how to wait in line and which country has the best booze. I would love to see the addition of a new country or two. There is room to do that. Universe of Energy does need an overhaul and I’d like to see more inclusion of alternate energy sources. I could do without the spitting dinosaur. Odyssey just sits there – they could definitely do something with that. And Captain EO needs to go – there’s so much more they could do with that theater.