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How to Fix Seaworld Orlando
Mar 24, 2015
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Seaworld Manta

Seaworld is a wonderful theme park that is in search of an identity. Many people are blaming the decline in attendance on the movie Blackfish but attendance was on a decline long before the movie was released. I think the issues have more to do with our culture than the backlash from the movie.

I believe it would behoove Seaworld to eliminate most of the shows from the park and focus on the other two aspects of what makes the park what it is, rides and conservation.

No one has faulted Seaworld for the work it does with the animals, just that they use some of those animals for entertainment purposes. Eliminating the shows and moving the animals into habitats would go a long way to easing some of the complaints of the Blackfish group and it would give the rest of the guests the more instant gratification that the current generation craves. The shows are long and have limited seating so if you are there on a busy day or have a set schedule, there is a good chance you are going to miss out on something. If all of the animals were available all of the time, people wouldn’t feel the need to congregate to one area at one time.

Another use of the animals is something that is already done, although sparingly, in the park. The animals habitats could be built into new rides. Seaworld should embrace the adventure park aspect of what they do and add more thrill rides. They have two of the best coasters in Orlando and what they did with Manta is an excellent example of what they should be doing more of throughout the park. Orlando doesn’t have a thrill park and Seaworld could easily fill that void while continuing to do the wonderful work that they do with the animals they rescue.

The park raises the money needed to rehabilitate and rescue the animals and without it there would be countless sea animal deaths that don’t need to happen. If Seaworld takes the steps needed to adjust to the changes in our culture while continuing to do what they do best, rescue and rehab, I think you will see a change in attendance as well as certain peoples mindset about the park.

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  • zengrrl

    I agree about the timing of the shows – because it’s on a schedule, you can’t come late or whenever you have a moment. I’d like to see more rides built around the habitats.

  • Jeff Wetherington

    Interesting suggestions. I agree that a change of mindset needs to take place in people, both park management and park guests.

  • Susan Daoust Young

    Common sense prevails!

  • Michael Thomas

    Personally I like the shows… it demonstrates a bond between humans and marine mammals and is what helped eliminate Whaling in most of the world.. Remember, with humans it’s “out of site, out of mind”.