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Ninjago Coming to Legoland, Just Not Here
Nov 18, 2015
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Legoland Ninjago Press Conference

I debated writing about this yesterday after it was revealed to not be coming to our Legoland park but after getting to play with the tech a bit today I hope that we do one day get to see it. Triotech and Legoland have joined forces to create a gesture based dark ride that will take you to the lands of the Ninjago Lego series. Think something alone the lines of Toy Story Mania but instead of using guns you use your hands. You ninja chop your way through the ride throwing fireballs, lightning, shock waves and ice to defeat your enemies. This eliminates the stigma that a firearm creates as well as makes the game feel more interactive.

The biggest issue I had on the test system was keeping the proper distance between the sensor and my hand. Once I got it down, the game was fun to play. Of course, this was a test of the system and not the actual ride vehicle but I am hoping that those kinks are worked out before they hit the park. I was a little shocked to see them using a motion based sensor version a mapping type system similar to what XBox uses for the Kinetics system but it seems to work for what it’s needed for.

Legoland Florida is getting their own new 4d ride in 2016 too but lets hope that Ninjago makes its way to Florida in the near future.

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