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Rumors are Fast & Furious from Universal Orlando
Jul 9, 2015
Fast and Furious Supercharged

In our last story about rumors swirling on the closing of the Twister-Ride It Out attraction, many believe that “The Fast & The Furious” franchise (others believe Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show) could take that spot over as it just became a part of the Universal Studios Hollywood tour. Rumors have stated that if a Florida version were to be made that it would be very different from its’ Hollywood counterpart. You can use Reign of Kong as an example of differences between Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood when you have a lot of space to create.

We have all seen Universal Studios go through many changes throughout the years, including the loss of some beloved attractions. That list includes Jaws becoming Harry Potter, Back to the Future becoming The Simpsons and Earthquake with Charlton Heston becoming Disaster! with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But what if Disaster was to disappear?

According to an article from Orlando Theme Park News, a source shared with them that Disaster would close sometime between late August and September to make way for San Francisco being “totally facelifted to Los Angeles.” That source also states that Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue would be moved all the way to the London section of the park to take over the Fear Factor show location. This would then make plenty of room, using both areas, to “be constructed for Fast & Furious.” The article does also state that other rumors have Disaster closing sometime in the Fall.

Even if those areas do not become the location of a Fast & Furious attraction, the source also brings up that “a new attraction building will be built to the right of M.I.B.” The Simpsons area was recently built next to Men In Black, but that is not the area being talked about for a new attraction. The former location of Hard Rock Cafe during the time when Universal Studios was a stand alone park is now a very large lot that could fit 4 Men In Black show buildings in it. The only problem currently seen is accessibility since trees block it at one possible entry point and Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone (rumored to be the new “Nintendo Land”) blocks it on the other side. We have learned from Universal though that anything can be done. Diagon Alley is basically sitting on an area that was mostly water during its run as Jaws.

More will be coming from the Universal Orlando area from what is certain with rumored closings of Twister and Disaster. And even more now with this empty lot sitting in the back of the park.

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