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Soarin' and Toy Story Mania to Expand
Mar 5, 2015
Soarin' and Toy Story Mania

The Disney Parks Blog released news on March 5th that Soarin’, located at EPCOT, and Toy Story Mania, located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, are both receiving expansions to the respective rides and are slated to be completed “by late 2016.”

Both of these rides are plagued with long waits due to a lack of rides at both parks, especially during the busy seasons at Walt Disney World. Compared to the sister park of Disney’s California Adventure, which features both rides, the wait times there are far less than that of the rides at WDW.

The rumor for Toy Story Mania expansion started last year when rides like the Studio Backlot Tour and Jack Sparrow walkthrough areas closed where many believed that Soundstage 1, adjacent to Toy Story Mania, was going to be converted into a third track. In the blog post, Disney expressed that “more midway track” will be added on. Rumors from most theme park sites are also expressing that a separate line will be created for those with FastPass+ based off of the testing that took place in October 2014 where only those using the reservation system were able to go on the ride for a one week period.

As for Soarin’, rumors were a buzz about a third theater being built for the ride behind the current location. During the WDW Marathon weekend, some runners even posted pictures about how the area was closed off for construction. The Disney Parks blog stated that they will add another theater and the ride will receive updates to both the screens and projection system “bringing a visually enhanced experience.” More rumors do talk about how the actual movie for Soarin, which currently only soars over California, will be updated to fly past major landmarks, including Walt Disney World, before returning back to the Disneyland Resort.

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