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Universal Orlando Updates: NBC Media Center and Twister
Jun 25, 2015
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Major undertakings are starting to take place on opposite ends of the Universal Studios Florida park as seen this week by visitors and those that use social media about changes that will take place.

Let’s start out with the rumor I have been waiting a long time for.

Twister: Ride It Out

Universal Orlando filed a permit on Monday, June 22nd to demolish the interior of a sound stage located inside of the Studios park. The project titled “Project 727” is been widely rumored by the internet world to be Twister: Ride It Out featuring the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Paxton. Over the past year, many have believed Twister to be on the chopping block for this year as, to most people including myself, see the attraction as outdated. Although, if you want to know why some people think of this attraction as underrated, search #Paxtoning on Twitter.

Rumors have placed two scenarios to take the place of the Twister location. One is a possible The Fast & The Furious attraction. For those that don’t know, Universal Studios Hollywood just added F&F attraction as part of the tram tour. By looking at the area, there is not a lot of room to create a full-blown ride here as it is a small sound stage to work with and Rip, Ride, Rockit takes up space near it.

Another rumor brings Jimmy Fallon, Higgins and The Roots (cue theme song) to have a “Soarin type” attraction to fly around the Big Apple based off the popular “The Tonight Show.” I do not know about you, but option 1 sounds a lot better.

No word yet on if Twister is indeed on the chopping block, and no word on what will be replacing it.

Garden of Allah Villas

As seen on June 24th, the Garden of Allah Villas is going to become a…wait for it…NBC Media Center instead of the rumored “25th Anniversary Museum to Universal Orlando.” The villas area goes relatively unused throughout times that I have gone to the park, and it will be nice to see some change there.

No word yet on what will take place inside the media center, but look for it to be an area where you can watch pilots of TV shows NBC will want to try on the network before deciding on pilots of shows that will take the time slot of great shows that get relegated to Yahoo! (#SixSeasonsAndAMovie)

In true Universal fashion, look for an announcement shortly and both of these areas to open up rather quickly.

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