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5f(x) = Sweet Treat
May 21, 2015
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5f(x) Ice Cream

There are very few celebrity chefs that I put trust in like I do Alton Brown – so when he puts a place on his best of the south list, I am going to check it out. Recently, Three f(x) Ice Cream and Waffles opened up a franchise, now referred to as Five f(x), in the Waterford Lakes area.

You could spend some time trying to figure out exactly what to order but if you look around you look through the reviews of their Jacksonville location you will see some great suggestions. They specialize in made-to-order ice creams and a Korean stuffed waffle known as Taiyaki.

After reading the reviews, I decided on a Taro Taiyaki and cream cheese ice cream with fresh strawberries. You have a choice of milks ranging from soy to whole and although I went with whole I was told that any of the milks come out nice and creamy due to the process. The milk base is quickly frozen in a recessed pan that I believe is hit with shots of liquid nitrogen that quick freezes the milk. This creates crystal faster, making them smaller which allows for any of the milks to be creamy no matter the fat content.

The ice cream was rich and tasty, and not too sweet but the star of the show was the Taiyaki. The taro stuffed waffle was served piping hot and the taro was sweet and cream, without being over powering. My son got a Nutella Taiyaki which was tasty as well but I felt the sweetness overpowered the waffle.

If you get a chance, check it out. I highly enjoyed my first experience and plan on going back in the near future.

Five f(x)
688 N Alafaya Trl
Ste 104
Orlando, FL 32828

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