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Finding the Best Wings in Orlando: Greg's Place
Aug 26, 2014
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Greg’s Place is the first local eatery to be featured in this column, but I can assure you that it will not be the last. Greg’s is located on the corner of Curry Ford and Chickasaw and can be easy to miss if you are not looking for it. I decided to order enough wings to get two different sauces, traditional and hot garlic. They have a number of other sauces on the menu that I will be back to try out later.


These are some plump wings and sauced to perfection. You can easily see the pieces of chopped garlic on the hot garlic as well as the excess sauce pooling underneath.


Traditional – These are easily the best traditional Buffalo wings I have had so far. The sauce was spot on and the size of the wing was just great.

Hot Garlic – These as well were great also, but almost too garlic-y. Both wings had just enough pull still left that they weren’t falling off the bone.


Most of the wings were just right but the bigger ones could have used a few more seconds in the fryer.


These were easily the best of the bunch so far and I have a feeling that they will remain near the top of my list. I was turned on to this place by a friend about a year or so ago and unfortunately this was only my second visit since then. I will most definitely be back for more. The only thing keeping them from a perfect score in my book is the crispiness variation among the wing sizes.


4.5/5 Wings


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