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Finding the Best Wings in Orlando: Burger U
Sep 29, 2014
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Burger U has the only full liquor bar on the campus of UCF and is more of a sports bar than a burger joint. In fact, the former tenant – Tailgaters – was just that. On their menu, which is posted at the front where you order, they offer both tradition naked and grilled wings with a number of different sauces. We opted for the traditional spicy buffalo.


Where’s the sauce? Seriously, we were delivered wings with no sauce on them and were more than mildly confused. The waitress then went to the back and grabbed a cup of the sauce we ordered. Apparently, they do not toss their wings, only fry and deliver them with sauce after seeing quite a few delivered to different members of our party in the same way.


The wings were salty, with or without the sauce on them. Not only were they salty, but they were unevenly salted. Some of the wings had just enough salt while other ones were hard on the palette.  The sauce was nothing special either. Seemed like something that was poured out of a big jar in the back, and it wasn’t Franks.


This is the one area that I can say was half way decent. Most of the wings did have a decent bite to them.


Get something else and steer clear of the wings. There was nothing that any of us found enjoyable about the wings at all. If I wanted to dip something, I would have ordered chicken tenders (which are a much better choice here0.


1/5 Wings


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