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Finding the Best Wings in Orlando: Buffalo Wild Wings
Oct 7, 2014
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Buffalo Wild Wings has made their name on wings and I was a regular at the Oviedo location when I was in College. At one point I had the fastest time listed on their Wall of Fame having finished 12 of their Blazin’ wings in just under a minute. That was then though and this is now. We placed an order for hot and medium wings to share.


The wings are small and slightly under sauced. They were a bit darker than I remember, with the medium having the right hue of orange but the hot almost being red.


Hot – At least they live up to the heat expectation. The hot here is hot but lacking in any real discernible flavor. Heat is only as good as the flavor that it accompanies and there was really nothing here to make me think buffalo.

Medium – These are the right flavor and almost the right heat. Unlike some other place, you don’t need to order hot to get a bit of heat, and that’s a good thing.


The wings were done to a consistent crispiness. We ordered the medium ones extra crispy and that may have added to the crispiness of the hot.


Wings are what they do here but they aren’t the best at it. It’s a pretty decent wing if you are in and area with one close by and are in the mood but if you want a great meaty wing there is a lot to be desired. Their flavors are ever growing so don’t limit yourself to the traditional Buffalo either.


3/5 Wings


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