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Finding the Best Wings in Orlando: Sonny's BBQ
Oct 14, 2014
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Sonny's BBQ wings

Sonny’s BBQ, a locally based regional chain, recently added smoked wings to their menu. They are available as an appetizer with any of their standard sauces coating them. They are also running a special wings and ribs platter with Alabama White Sauce which is what I went with.


They’re smaller wings but look like they’ve hit the grill after their smoking process. They include the wing tip which I personally find pointless.


The smokiness of the wing doesn’t really come through even though you can see the pink that was left on by the process. The sauce, which they are not tossed in, wasn’t what I expected. I have had Alabama White Sauce and its normally a slightly creamy but more vinegary sauce. This sauce almost reminded me of a creamy italian salad dressing. I preferred the smokin’ sweet sauce found on the table.


Better than some of the other smoked wings I have had. It’s always hard to achieve that crispness on a smoker but the addition of the grilled finish makes them have a decent bite but not as good as baked or fried.


The wings aren’t what you go there for and probably would never be your main reason for going. Not the best but not the worst as an app or as part of your meal. Maybe they should consider a more buffalo style sauce option.


2.5/5 Wings


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