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'Kesh Restaurant: A Hidden Gem
Feb 11, 2015
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Kesh Restaurant

I often get asked what my favorite place to grab lunch on the east side of Orlando is and the answer is Kesh. This small, chef run, restaurant is a little hidden on the corner of 50 and Alafaya behind the Wendy’s on the southwest corner.

When I tell people about Kesh the most common question is “What should I order?” The problem with that question is two fold. The first problem is that the menu is ever-changing with new menu items daily. The second is that I have never ordered anything that I didn’t like.

There is a daily noodle special, which is normally some chef inspired mac and cheese. Some of my favorite noodle specials have been the barbecue, housemade chili and cajun noodles, but if chef Jerry makes it, it’s probably pretty good.

My favorite sandwich in Orlando also comes from Jerry’s kitchen. The chicken cordon bleu sandwich is everything you would expect from great chicken cordon blue in between a fresh roll with lettuce and tomato. It’s a simple sandwich but the juicy chicken breast and the oozing cheese sauce take it to a different level.

Kesh also has a supper club which has monthly meals in a small group setting. The 4 to 6 course meals are wonderfully prepared and would make a great date night for someone looking for something a little different to do with their loved one.

The best way to find their daily menu is to follow them on social media, either on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to have a talk with chef Jerry about what you’d like to see on the menu because he may just surprise you one day.

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