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Pig Floyd’s Barbacoa: Fantastic Fusion
Feb 3, 2015
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PIg Floyd's Urban Barbacoa

Most people in the south have a favorite barbecue joint, or at the very least a favorite style of BBQ.I, personally, am a fan of pork and the lowcountry Carolina style of barbecue but recently I had that all turned upside down.

Pig Floyd’s Barbacoa, in the Mills50 district of Orlando, offers a bit of a twist on what you’ve come to expect for barbecue offering both authentic barbecue and fusion barbecue done just right. Oak is the wood of choice in the smoker and you can tell the pitmaster has a love of what he’s doing. All of the meats that I’ve had were cooked to perfection and their ribs may be my favorite in the area. The chicken is always moist and the brisket is a perfect blend of seasoning and tenderness.

Where the menu begins to differ from most barbecue joints is when you hit the sides. You begin to see the latin influences. The rice and bean and the fried plantains are both must haves for me and I recently discovered their slaw which has come in to my standard rotation. There are other variation on what you would expect from a traditional smokehouse as well.

If I told you to go to a barbecue joint to order a taco, you’d probably tell me I was crazy but the tacos here are something to behold. The La Vaca Tahkaw has become my wifes favorite beef taco in the city (formerly the Twisted Cuban beef taco). The Butter Chicken taco is another favorite of ours with it’s indian and latin influences.

If you’re in the area, or even if you’re not, take a trip and say hi to the owner, Thomas. You may remember him as the former owner of the Treehouse Truck. He had a gem with that and has another gem with Pig Floyd’s.

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  • thisurlwastaken

    Hands down the best barbecue in Orlando.