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Sus Hi Rolls in to Town
Mar 4, 2015
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Think Chipotle meets Asia in this new concept that has popped up in the UCF area. When you walk in the door, you are no longer just any other person, you’re a ninja.

You have three options as to how you can get your ninja on. You can get your meal as a sushi roll, a rice bowl or a wrap. You then go and pick a protein to go with your rice, either brown or white, and all the toppings that you could want. I went with a spicy tuna bowl with cheese, bacon, green onions, xtra spicy mayo and white sauce. I have to tell you, it was delicious enough for me to go back a week later and order almost the exact same thing.

As an appetizer, I tried the Krab Rangoon and the new loaded rice fries. The Rangoon looked and tasted like it was made in house. It was fried just right and the cream cheese filling was molten inside. The rice fries, topped however you would like them, we surprisingly creamy in your mouth. I really wanted a vinegar based sauce, maybe some malt vinegar, to dip them in instead of the mayo based sauces that were offered.

I am always looking for pregame meals during basketball and baseball season at UCF and I think I may have found a new go to. The experience is almost as important as the food. Now to talk to them about getting a Coke Freestyle machine.

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