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Beer, BBQ, Poker and Helping Out. What could be better?
Oct 28, 2014
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EOC Kiwanis Poker
Ever feel like you have a need to help kids and moms around the world but just didn’t know how? Well sit back folks, here is an answer to your dilemma that also includes a healthy serving of BBQ, booze, and cards flying. The Kiwanis Club of East Orange County (#EOCKiwanis) is hosting it’s quarterly charity poker night on November 1 to benefit The Eliminate Project which is an international service project in partnership with UNICEF to help get rid of maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). The event is $60 which will get you chips, 4 Rivers BBQ, unlimited beer and wine, and a shot at the big table for a $500 prize.

As we don’t see MNT here in the states, it might be a little surprising to know that there is something out there taking away 60,000 kids a year that can be stopped through some basic soap and water practices and a set of three $0.80 vaccination shots. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. More info on the progress and project here.

So if you like saving kids, eating BBQ, and enjoying some adult beverages, all while playing poker, you can register here. Did I mention you get an extra $10 in chips of you come in costume?

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