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Playoffs or Draft: Does Orlando Have What it Takes?
Dec 21, 2014
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All stories are the views and opinions of me and are in no way based on any kind of fact, research or rational thinking.

So far this season the Magic have improved upon their record from last year. They have endured a road heavy schedule and have already won more road games in just two months than they did all of last season. They have showed endurance, pushing several winning teams to the limit. Most of these teams have beaten them, a lot on last second game winning shots. The only team they have managed to beat with a winning record was the Hawks, on the second game of a back to back. They have however managed to take out teams with losing records and in the early part of this season are just a few games behind the Nets for the 8th seed.

So the question is, do they have what it takes to make the playoffs? In my opinion they do, and only my opinion. Where they don’t have what it takes to win a playoff series, or even a playoff game, I do think they can make it to the show. In the East you don’t have to be great or even good to make the playoffs, you don’t even need to be a winning or .500 team to make the playoffs. Right now the Magic are playing well enough to be competitive despite falling victim to early season injuries to major players like Oladipo, Vuc and rookie Aaron Gordon. The team has yet to be at full steam and still manages to hang with the NBA’s best most nights.

Harris is making strides to become a good scoring leader, Vuc has emerged as the team’s best player and earned his new contract. Oladipo getting better and better while rookie Elfrid Payton is looking like the point guard of the future.

To sum up, I believe once this team is all tougher (maybe after the all star break) and working as a unit, they can make a good push to grab the 8th seed in the playoffs. Why would they want that though only to get swept in the 1st round? The experience would be good for the young guys and leave them hungry for more. It would show management that we need a little more than young talent and draft picks to get this team where it needs to be, management might have to dig in their pockets and go after a scorer. It also, and more importantly, would give the Orlando fans something to finally be excited about after years of fallout from the Dwight disaster.

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